Suzan Beek May 29, 2019

Whales are vital to create a stable environment in the oceans, as they help regulate the flow of food and maintaining a stable food chain. Without whales, some species would overpopulate the oceans and it would mess with the aquatic ecosystem. …

The best wild life scenes shown in Netflix’s new show ‘our planet’

Suzan Beek April 23, 2019

Our planet is Netflix’s latest addition to their already wide selection of nature documentaries and series. The eight episodes were all uploaded on the 5th of April and watchers can see, guided by narrator David Attenborough, why our wild life and nature is worth protecting…

Press release: European Union & Democracy #Fishing #Bycatch #EuropeanUnion #Leak

WWF the Netherlands leaks EU documents regarding an increase in fishing quotas

Increase in fishing quotas would drive overfishing in the European Union.

Amsterdam/Brussels — WWF the Netherlands has released several pages of previously closed document regarding secret meetings to increase the fishing quota in the European Union.

The pages leaked expose…

Suzan Beek

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